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Welcome to Gateway Earth!

Our Mission
Gateway Earth Development Group seeks to develop a safe, functional, and cost-effective architecture for interplanetary space exploration, while advocating and facilitating cooperation among various space industry stakeholders toward the same end.

Our Vision
We are proposing to utilise various economic opportunities as enablers for the development of a space station in (Earth’s) geostationary orbit (GEO), where interplanetary spacecraft will be built and serviced. Reusable vehicles will deliver goods and people, in stages (through Low Earth Orbit – LEO), to this space gateway. Ultimately, astronauts and cargo will travel across and explore the Solar System from this outpost.

Want to know more?
Well, we think the best start is to have a look at our concept outline video above. There is also more information in the Concept and FAQ sections of this website. Then, why not Subscribe to our newsletter and express your interest in joining the group and coming along for this exciting journey?

Finally, if you have additional questions then get in touch with us using Twitter, e-mail or mail (see footer).

Let’s aim for the stars!

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